15:30 - 16:00, 29th Sep 2021

Taking a fresh look at property performance management

Andrew Knight
Session Description
With a changing social, economic and environmental landscape, it is important for those with responsibility for property assets at all stages of the property life cycle to adopt a multi-dimensional and people-centric approach to assessing performance. There is also a well-established awareness within the property and facilities management industry that the effectiveness of building occupiers is directly determined by the way the building is managed and operated. The industry is also mature in terms of the certifications and accreditations that rely on taking a snapshot of the systems, infrastructure and technologies in place. Finally, there is both an increasing body of stakeholders with an interest in the way property assets are managed throughout their life cycle, and an increasing number of ways by which the value of a property asset to its occupier can be measured. These trends demand a fresh look at property asset performance. The climate is therefore right for the introduction of a new, simple to operate, multi-dimensional International Building Operations Standard (IBOS). https://www.rics.org/uk/surveying-profession/contribute/consultations/international-building-operations-standard/
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