16th September, 2021, Online · EurAsia

Summer Campus as "work from anywhere"

The pandemic changed the way we work. Some companies stayed full remote, some offer hybrid, some still don't know what to do. There are different programs/methods for WFA. On this webinar, we'll deep-dive one of the hottest trends in this tectonic shift: summer/winter campus

28th September, 2021, Worldwide · Unissu

RE:Connect September

RE:Connect is back on the 29th of September! Sign up now to join our global summit on innovation in the built environment.

22nd July, 2021, Online · LandAid

What role can tech play in ending youth homelessness?

The LandAid Tech Network will bring together tech companies and professionals in support of our mission to end youth homelessness.

20th July, 2021, Online · Unissu

Two Professors, One Debate; The Future of the Real Estate Industry

Join two of the most well-known academics in the real estate world, as they wrestle with the future of the industry.

3rd May, 2021, Online · Unissu

Going Green

We are a planet-first media brand documenting and sharing eco projects and innovations that bring the world one step closer to a sustainable future.

3rd September, 2020, On-demand Masterclass · Fixflo

How to 10x Your Letting Agency Portfolio

Want to make landlords come to you? The masterminds behind Kerfuffle and Spectre share their growth hacking secrets.

29th July, 2021, Online · PropTech Australia

How Proptech is Creating Better Resident Experiences

It is now estimated there are more than 2 million apartment dwellings across Australia with one occupied apartment for every five houses. In total, more than 38% are now high rise apartments according to the ABS. Affordability, apartment design and changes in lifestyle expectations mean apartments are now being selected as forever homes, and apartment residents are demanding more from developers. Join us for this month's Proptech Panel as Proptech Association Australia president Kylie Davis chats with expert guests to look at the technology delivering amazing residential experiences to make high rise apartment developments stand out.

11th August, 2021, Online · Unissu

The X Factor - Making Sense of Sensors

The Impec Group's Tech Advisory division commissioned an independent survey of the workplace utilization market, focusing on sensors and analytics. This webinar will be the unveiling of the report for the first time. The second part of the webinar will be a discussion with market experts in the space. Why the X-factor? Tune in to find out!

5 events

28th September, 2021, Worldwide · Unissu

RE:Connect September

RE:Connect is back on the 29th of September! Sign up now to join our global summit on innovation in the built environment.


30th September, 2021, Online · PropertyQuants

Masters' Data Science Course

私たちは、世界で初めて不動産の分析、投資、予測を専門とするデータサイエンス、機械学習、GISのコースを提供できることを誇りに思っています。 一連のインタラクティブなオンライン講義、実践的な学習、および主要なキャップストーンプロジェクトの完了を通じて、インデックスの構築、評価の自動化、クラスターの分析、時系列の予測に関する知識と専門知識を習得します。 大規模なデータセットを利用して公正な取引価格を決定し、将来の収益を予測し、地理情報システム(GIS)を使用して場所を分析する方法に必要なスキルを習得します。


4th November, 2021, Worldwide · Proptech Bulgaria

2021 SEE PropTech Conference

The only international PropTech conference in Central & South-East Europe. 2021 SEE Conference is the MARKET break-through conference which makes your business development to go beyond boundaries in Europe. We focus on 11+ European markets, and this year edition of the Conference is puts Office and Retail asset classes in the spotlight. We believe that PropTech solutions can solve many of the issues property developers encounter amid pandemic restrictions. The 2021 conference agenda includes, ▶ sharing expertise on how to enter and expand on 11 countries’ markets, namely, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Hong Kong & China, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia; ▶ funding opportunities and the latest updates on European Commission initiatives shared by prof. Rudy Aernoudt, Senior Economist European Commission; funding specifics of Germany will reach to us by blackprint VC fund, Frankfurt; and funding and expansion opportunities in Austria will be displayed and exemplified by Vienna Business Agency; ▶ how the challenges resulting from Covid-19, which block the smooth operation of office & retail asset classes, are being met by tech solutions, with the special participation of world-renowned companies as Hyper[in] (Finland) and Rysta (Germany), ▶ improving the Due Diligence processes in real estate investment with keynote & panel participation of Recognyte (UK) and OrthoGraph (Hungary).


5th November, 2021, Online · Impec Group

CRE and Workplace Technology Demo Day

The Tech Demo Day is an open event to allow vendors to demonstrate their products to interested parties. The event will be split into specific sections around Workplace and Corporate Real Estate Technology so that the audience will be able to view related products in a short space of time. At 10 minutes per session, vendors will focus on the core reasons why you should pick their solutions


10th November, 2021, Online · Eurasian BIM Forum

Eurasian BIM Forum 2021

From this viewpoint, the 2nd Eurasian BIM Forum aims to cover a wide range of BIM related topics and stakeholder groups from the academic and professional perspectives. The forum will form a platform for exchanging academic and industry knowledge and experience on the novel developments in BIM tools and technologies and BIM-based information and project management approaches.


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57 events

24th September, 2021, Online · Sofia Locks

Proptech Perspective Days - 4. Vivere il digitale: il valore dei servizi nel real estate

Quale ruolo ricoprono i servizi nel mercato immobiliare? E quanto è necessario integrarli nell’offerta? Come creare il giusto equilibrio tra digitale e umano? Il ruolo sociale nei building di nuova generazione, tra il digitale e il personale.


24th September, 2021, Online · Sofia Locks

Proptech Perspective Days - 3. Coliving e cohousing: sostenibilità, scalabilità e condivisione

I coliving e i cohousing si sono posti come nuovi modelli di business nel mercato real estate, ma quali sono le ragioni dietro alla diffusione di queste nuove soluzioni abitative? Qual è la loro curva di adozione? Un’analisi sul ruolo dei nuovi modelli di business flessibili, sulla loro peculiarità e sulla loro diffusione.


23rd September, 2021, Worldwide · 2N

2N On Air

Learn how to integrate products and create elegant solutions straight from the experts at Genetec, Crestron and Carson.


23rd September, 2021, Online · ProperPR

Question Time

Join us on 23rd September to hear representatives from the established and challenger portals in the UK discuss their views of the future and the how the interaction between innovation and consumer behaviour will shape the UK residential market and estate agents alike.