Session took place 17th Mar 2021

SaaS and Data Rights – Key Legal Issues in Proptech Contracts

Mark Sherwood-Edwards
Mark Sherwood-Edwards
Session Description
SaaS is becoming the default means of delivery of technology and technology services. But SaaS contracts are still new and not that well understood. If you are going to contract successfully with SaaS - whether you are a buyer or a seller – you need to know how SaaS contracts work, which are the key terms, what good looks like, and how to avoid the most common mistakes. And then, what about data? If data is the new oil, you need to know how to find it, extract it, put it in the right barrels, and how to go to market with it. And that’s just the basic data - what about metadata and derived data? This webinar will look at the property in data (is there any? If Yes, what does it look like?), how best to protect it, and how best exploit it. This webinar is useful for any business that: - is planning to buy SaaS services, - is planning to sell SaaS services, - generates lots of data. - needs lots of data from others in order to perform successfully. - is in the business of buying, selling or licensing data. This webinar will be hosted by Mark Sherwood-Edwards, one of London’s leading technology lawyers. Mark has a track record of leading complex, high-level transactional work both in-house and in private practice. He has a history of working in high-growth companies and of putting together innovative deals, and has substantial international exposure. Client perception is outstanding: the following is taken from LinkedIn. “The best commercial legal / business mind bar none! Mark has a unique ability to turn complex legal gobbledygook into simple English. ……. His business mind is one of the sharpest I know, understanding business issues quickly and finding solutions / adding value immediately.” Mark was part the management team that, in under 10 years, took Xchanging from startup to 8000+ employees and the Footsie 250. In his final years at Xchanging he worked as a non-lawyer, running a global business transformation programme in sales and service, and reporting to the CEO. Since then Mark has run his own legal business, Clearview Legal, helping companies negotiate smarter, more profitable, contracts. He is valued for his blend of commercial and legal analysis, and for his ability to keep things simple and get things done quickly. Further information is available at: Recent articles Data, and Copyright in its Teenage Years, European Intellectual Property Review, 2019. Durant rides again: subject access requests and personal data revisited in Rudd v Bridle, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, 2019. Problems with cookies: ICO, CNIL and the ECJ decision in Fashion ID, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, 2019. Real Time Bidding – ‘disproportionate, intrusive and unfair’, Privacy Laws and Business, 2019. Preparing to deal with a Data Breach – the role of the DPO, Privacy Laws and Business, 2019.
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