Session took place 17th Mar 2021

How to make the move to visually-led property and facilities management

Steve Voller
Session Description
This presentation is for you if you’re starting off on your property and facilities management data journey or you’re interested in exploring the benefits a highly visual approach will bring to you and your organisation. We’ll show how you can transform your ability to manage and understand your data through the use of maps, floor and/or site plans and 360° imagery. Each of these visualisation layers becomes an environment in which you directly manage your data. For example, locate jobs and assets on the floor plan and have them co-located in a 360° image providing a real-world view of a space or room. Virtually walk your building or a remote site from your desk or smartphone saving time and costs. Using a highly visual environment means assets are correctly located and issues are recorded on the appropriate asset. In-house and external communication becomes more effective and efficient. This visually intelligent approach to managing data is combined with analytical intelligence to keep you in control of your responsibilities for: • assets • maintenance • compliance • cleaning regimes • contract and document management needs. A journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step. Start here. Today.

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