10:00 - 10:30, 17th Mar 2021

Future of Residential - Corporate "Work from Home" Solutions

Cagil Akcurin
Session Description
1- How are the corporate companies dealing with "Remote Working" so far? 2- How permanent is “Work From Home”? Is this "New Normal"? 3- What does the “corporate” think? 4- What does the employee think? 5- Remote Employee Safety. Is that a thing? 6- How will the corporate-employee relations affect the process? 7- Corporate Housing 2.0 Founded in 2011, REDA is an Istanbul-based design group provides architectural, interior and furniture design, consultancy and contracting services under five main business units. Kurumsal Ev is REDA’s B2B brand which prepares corporate companies for remote working requirements and offers practical, fast and rational solutions that would transform homes into working environments. With a pioneering approach in the sector, it also offers companies leasing options as well as sale, without high initial investment costs; aiming to ease the transition to new normal standards.

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