17:00 - 17:30, 17th Mar 2021

Emotional Intelligence, Burnout and Self-Care

Charlson Gaines
Charlson Gaines
Session Description
Join Charlson Gaines, renowned speaker and former US Air Force veteran, as he discusses how an increased focus on emotional wellbeing could hold the key to enhanced teamwork, camaraderie, morale and commitment. In all industries, emotional intelligence empowers the workforce to be cognisant of and manage their emotions successfully. This can lead to enhanced teamwork, camaraderie, morale and commitment. In addition to teaching the skills to master self-awareness and emotion regulation, this seminar provides information about burnout that enables personnel to recognise the symptoms before they begin to negatively impact daily work tasks, and take proactive prevention measures. Burnout is the number one cause of stress-related on-the-job injuries, illness and absenteeism. Using emotional intelligence to combat burnout leads to greater morale, productivity, innovation and cohesion, and fewer workplace accidents and absenteeism. Lastly, mental and physical self-care is provided to teach personnel how to respond to and recover from burnout. This seminar enables each work centre to be happier, safer, productive, competitive and innovative.

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