Session took place 16th Mar 2021

The Great, Global RE:Connect Quiz

Thomas Kane
Session Description
Join us for a bit of light-hearted fun during this 33hr marathon. Ensure to download the Kahoot app or go to to play! The Great and Global RE:Connect Quiz has different rounds including one on the real estate industry, data and, of course, some general knowledge. ☘️ The quiz will run 4 times throughout the event starting on Tuesday 16th at 11:00pm (GMT) and ending Wednesday 17th March Midnight (GMT). The quiz times are posted below: 16th March at 11:00pm (GMT) 17th March 10:00am (GMT) 17th March 17:00pm (GMT) 17th March Midnight (GMT) You can join the quiz as many times as you like! (Just don't let the quiz master know you've been before 🤫) For those who manage to tackle our data warriors and gain first, second or third place in the quiz, we will ask you for a donation to your favourite charity. 🥇 Grab your beverage of choice and join us for the Unissu quiz! 😀

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