12:30 - 13:00, 17th Mar 2021

Oda Studio: Property Photo Enhancements, Image Classifications, and Virtual Staging Powered by AI

Mert Karakus
Mine Kansu
Session Description
Oda Studio is an image processing toolkit for real estate. Using the state-of-art computer vision and image-generative methods developed at MIT, Oda Studio revolutionizes how real estate listings are marketed. Oda Studio toolkit consists of the following apps: - Automated image enhancement app that improves image quality across resolution, framing, exposure, colors, brightness, sharpness - Image classification and labeling that automatically detects image location (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and content (dishwasher, fireplace, pool, etc.) - Image segmentation and background removal/replacement - Virtual staging automated using AI (upcoming) Oda Studio is offered as an API to process thousands of images every day. Whether you are a property manager, marketplace or a third-party software provider, Oda Studio allows you to reimage how to market your listings in real estate and home furnishing/décor. Join us to learn more about Oda Studio and the cutting-edge AI tools that transform property visuals!
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