15:30 - 16:00, 17th Mar 2021

When Tech Meets Carbon Footprint - Technological Enhancement of Wood as Building Material

Francis Amptmeijer
Session Description
Malaysia Time 3:30PM - 4:00PM Guests Guests: Pekka Ritvanen (CTO ) & Mathias Gelber Format Panel Discussion Target Audience Architects, Property Consultants, Construction Companies, Project Developers, Property Developers, City Planners Frank Amptmeijer ProperLy (www.properly.asia) will moderate an interesting discussion between two international entrepreneurs Pekka RitvanenCTO of KWS Timber Tech and Mathias Gelber - The World’s Greenest Man (www.greenmanspeaks.com). Mathias and Pekka will provide insights on how enhanced wood can support the construction and property industry for now and in the future. The technology developed by KWS Timber Tech in Finland has been developed over many years and leans strongly towards computer technology, artificial intelligence and IoT within the production process. Mathias Gelber will link this technology to the global opportunity the world has now to move away from polluting building materials like cement, marble and sand, and show insights into how eco-friendly materials can harness our carbon footprint for a more sustainable planet. Both are engaged in the organisation of the Malaysian based research centre, technology support and production facilities to support the Asian region. Asia offers massive opportunities in terms of fast-growing low-grade timber, which through the KWS enhancement technology can produce high-quality timber end-products.

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