12:30 - 13:00, 17th Mar 2021

AI - Powered Energy & Sustainability Analytics for Commercial Buildings

Sahin Caglayan
Faradai (Formerly Reengen)
Session Description
We will talk about AI-Powered Energy & Sustainability Analytics for Commercial Buildings in that session. 🚀 We will tell how we Decreasing energy costs - up to 15%, Increasing energy and operational efficiency – up to 60%, Reducing carbon footprint & emission and save the planet. We will also mention some use cases for various industries. We are looking forward to meeting you there! Please have more information about Faradai and our solutions below. Faradai is a software company that accelerates digital energy transformation in commercial enterprises using the AI & IoT technologies. Faradai is working to create the electricity grid of the future, which it calls energy 4.0 Faradai Platform includes connectivity, device cloud, business logic, big data analytics, and remote service applications. Through universal connectivity, Faradai Platform strengthens critical power infrastructure, provides demand-side management, and prevents abnormal energy system operations while helping businesses become more productive and energy-efficient. The platform offers a state-of-art experience to its customer with an advanced rule engine, customizable, adaptor and connector structure. Faradai Platform is a top-notch Energy & Sustainability Intelligence solution for enterprises. This Enterprise Platform is an AI and cloud-based PaaS data analytics solution for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and renewable energy plants. Already collecting data from thousands of buildings, facilities and plants in 7 different countries, the data science-centric Faradai Platform employs machine learning algorithms and big data analytics in order to provide energy saving, operational efficiency, energy procurement optimization, predictive maintenance, solar energy and sustainability management for its customers. We are working for increasing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability! 🌱
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