19:30 - 20:00, 17th Mar 2021

Marketplaces & Data Analysis

Luis María Barrenechea
Session Description
In this presentation I will try to explain how a Marketplace could reach a bigger audience and empower business partners throughout data analysis, smart leads and collaborative product's development, with focus on users and the new demands and tendencies. Besides, the importance to complete the transactional process to offer a comprehensive platform. Portals transformed the way of users search for properties digitally. But the solutions they need to complete the transactions are much more complex, and demands complementary products and services that they do not find in one platform. Planneon is developing a full stack marketplace, integrating different services along the properties listings by a simple and efficient experience. The buying, renting and investing offer is supported by Financing, guarantees and certifications, insurances, construction, agents network, etc. Besides, listings could be boosted by home staging and digital media packages, data analysis and marketing campaigns, etc. Although, our vision is to offer the most complete platform, specially designed to users demands, through a simple and pleasant experience. The most important difference is to complete the offer by partnerships, integrating startups and Real Estate companies, with the best services and market confidence and recognition, to give to our users an integral solution with all security and personal data protection they deserve. We believe the Full Stack Marketplace format could give us the opportunity to develop the best products and services together with our partners and give them the potential to show their solutions to a much bigger part of the market. For the users?, the possibility to find all solutions related to residential properties in one platform, and to carry out all transactions digitally.
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