12:00 - 12:30, 17th Mar 2021

The PropTech universe in Italy: an open discussion about its evolution and future expectations

Silvia Leoncini
Alice Paola Pomè
Chiara Tagliaro
Session Description
The PropTech phenomenon has played an important role in the world of Real Estate since 2015. In Italy, however, this growth was lagging behind. What are the reasons for this delay, despite countries enjoying very different numbers, such as Spain? Then, in Italy, as abroad, the drive for the growth of PropTech is concentrated in one or a few innovation centers. Is it possible that the PropTech business will become a driving force for the economy of the entire country? In this session, Silvia Leoncini, Alice Paola Pomé, and Chiara Tagliaro will open a debate to outline future expectations.

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