05:30 - 06:00, 17th Mar 2021

PropTech 4.0 Is Future Proofing The Real Estate Industry: Are the Stakeholders Ready For It and What Is Missing?

Daniele Gambero
Sheldon Fernandez
Elizabeth Siew
Lepro System
Georg Chmiel
Session Description
Proptech 1.0 in the ‘80s with simple data “computing” and storage, the Beginning. Proptech 2.0 in the early ears of the new millennium with online portals, BIM and IBS appearing in the market place showing an innovative way of enhancing the customer experience while generating data from the enquiries to read the market sentiment. Proptech 3.0 started building-up a disruptive wave leveraging on digital transformation and penetrating all different layers of the RE Industry. Between 2010 and 2017 countless start-ups provided the market with digital tools to either resolve existing challenges or creating new ones. The Proptech ecosystem was growing steadily but slowly when, in 2020, Covid-19 pandemic with all the consequences has been boosting and accelerating a much faster adoption, by most stakeholders, of a digital transformation mindset. In the last 12 months the world has been jumping into a virtual reality where not only the property players but all industries are fast adopting tech solutions to all the daily challenges imposed by the health threat cause by the pandemic! PropTech 4.0 expected to happen after 2025 now appears to be right behind the corner! This panel will discuss and analyse what has happened in the last 12 months and what we should be ready for moving forward! Challenges and opportunities toward a digital and virtual future!

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