01:00 - 01:30, 17th Mar 2021

Deeper understanding of customers, better experience for visitors, in Cities, Precincts and Physical Retail: SPACE Platform

Sina Panah
SPACE Platform
Session Description
In this video I am explaining how we can help you as a precinct operator find answers to the questions below : - How many new and returning visitors are visiting my precinct? How much time do they spend and at which areas? - What is the actual size of my precinct’s audience? - What is the actual number of my visitors during Christmas? - How much time do visitors spend at my precinct during weekdays and weekends? - How many visitors pass by my precinct and how many shops in it? (pedestrians vs shoppers) - How many new and returning visitors passed by H&M at 12:30PM today and how is that number different from last week? - What are the exact paths visitors take at different times? - How many people that visit Zara also visited H&M? Is the number different for visits from H&M to Zara? - What is the ratio between sales and number of new visitors? - Was my marketing campaign successful? How many new and returning visitors did it draw? - How many of the visitors to my food event also attended the entrepreneurship event? I guess you can understand the endless possibilities and opportunities! Now let's watch the video Get in touch? https://www.linkedin.com/in/sina-panah/ Web: https://spaceplatform.co
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