08:30 - 09:00, 17th Mar 2021

ConTech Ecosystem: Build a Thriving Digital Construction Empire

Huai Jie Chuah
Pui Teoh
Session Description
The construction industry is experiencing a monumental paradigm shift—digital transformation must be at the heart of construction management. From designing to construction, a large amount of data is generated at work sites and offices, but generally left unused, or at best, used improperly. Decisions made without data or with insufficient data are low quality, costly, and risky decisions that impact your bottom line greatly. It is crucial that we learn to make data-driven decisions in order to deliver projects more efficiently and sustainably. These decisions can only be made when the company fully embraces the digital transformation journey—optimising and converting their existing workflows to a digital space, and thereby using data as the currency in a technology-driven world.
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