Nico Müller
Wüest Partner
Thomas Maier
Datahouse AG
Session Description
We are thrilled to show you for the first time our mobile application Visits® which we have been developing for over a year. With Visits®, you can record all essential properties such as materialization and condition of building components as well as other relevant factors of buildings completely digitally through an intuitive process. Coupled with database intelligence within the app from Wüest Partner and Qualicasa, you achieve objective, detailed and well-founded results. This makes property inspections more efficient and results more valuable for strategic real estate management. In this session, we want to explore how the technology of deep learning and image recognition can benefit property inspections. Our subsidiary company Datahouse has developed an engine that allows you to define properties within an taken picture within seconds. It is even possible to define construction years. Furthermore we want to show you, how the strategy of configuration from the car manufacturer sector can be applied to the real estate sector. By configuring your future apartment, developers can not only save time but also a lot of money. We are looking forward to welcome you in our session!

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