12:30 - 13:00, 17th Mar 2021

BIM, Records & Communication Digitalisation, Towards A Less Conflict Ridden Construction Ecosystem. What Can Be Done For A Faster Adoption?

Daniele Gambero
Phillip Tan
Nick Sunderland
HongKit Leong
Session Description
An in-depth discussion with expert industry players on why the construction industry should start adopting digital change and how ConTech solutions can help the whole construction process, A to Z, becoming more effective, efficient and profitable. The impact of Covid-19 on the construction industry has been tremendously disruptive, an industry that was already suffering for various diseases has seen a completely new set of rules being enforced and increasing the challenges for all. This wave of changes, though, the so called “New Normal”, has been pushing all parties involved in speeding up the ConTech adoption! General perception is this change is slowly making the industry healthier and more profitable. Conflicts, litigations, abuses on the weaker parties (small sub-contractors), non-transparency has been the industry un-healthy setup for the past many years. Now that technology allows capturing of data, sharing the information on a very open basis and a much fairer environment, it has come the time for a wider adoption of new technologies. From Building Information Modelling helping all parties in tracking all information and data to easy communication between parties and production plus distribution of records and much more, the industry has finally come to the true meaning of digital transformation. Is all this happening at fast pace? What could be done to see a faster implementation and what will the benefits be for all parties? Join the panel discussion to find out what our experts think is coming next!

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