04:00 - 04:30, 17th Mar 2021

Behavioral Changes For Townships & Communities And How PropTech Can Assist Effective Implementation Of UNSDGs

Francis Amptmeijer
Session Description
Malaysia Time 12:00PM - 12:30PM Guest Mathias Gelber (Awarded - The World’s Greenest Man) Format Discussion Target Audience Property Developers, Cityscapers & Property Owners Today Frank Amptmeijer CEO & Founder of ProperLy (www.properly.asia) will have a meaningful discussion with Mathias Gelber - The World’s Greenest Man (www.greenmanspeaks.com). The Property Landscape in Asia, and in many other parts of the world is changing rapidly. These changes influence the behaviour of residents within these newly built townships and communities. We will discuss these changes as they are happening today, the influence on citizens and occupants of the spaces, but also the implementation of UNSDG’s and how City Designers, Property Developers and Cityscapers can benefit from them. From burden to advancement. Further, will we spend a little time on how the latest advancements in PropTech can help both behavioural changes and implementation of the UNSDG’s. Our Planet Needs You..! From Resident to Agent of Change. For the sustainable wood session - visit https://events.unissu.com/reconnect-march-2021/speaker/session/1293/when-tech-meets-carbon-footprint-technological-enhancement-of-wood-as-building-material
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