01:00 - 01:30, 17th Mar 2021

The Secrets of Selling and Buying Proptech for Commercial Property

Kylie Davis
Proptech Association Australia
Jillian Escudero
Session Description
The never ending challenge of start-ups and scale-ups is getting more customers. Identifying, selling, closing the sale and then delivering can be arduous and sometimes disheartening. On the other side, customers also encounter similar concerns. Should we buy or build internally? If we buy are we sure it will work? Will we need to radically change the way we do our daily activities? Will it be easy to implement or need a huge training effort? We have put together a panel of both successfully growing proptechs and well established property industry customers to reveal some of their secrets to the selling/buying challenge. Our panellists to enlighten our thinking are: Scott Wilson - CEO of Forbury Sherif Hassan - Head of APAC for Re-Leased Greg Preston - Chairman and Managing Director of Preston Rowe Paterson Katrina Newcombe - National Head of Asset Services of Investa

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