Session took place 17th Mar 2021

How technology is helping deal with the mental health crisis in real estate

Kylie Davis
Proptech Association Australia
Sarah Bell
Session Description
A study of more than 1,000 Australian real estate agents found two out of five agents feel “overwhelmed” by their work, while some 65 per cent of agents reported physical symptoms caused by job-related stress and anxiety. In addition, 26 per cent said they used alcohol to cope with stress, and 7.5 per cent said they’ve resorted to illegal, recreational drugs. In response, the industry has developed an app to help address this crisis. The Real Care app works to prevent anxiety, depression and suicide among real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. Chris Hanley, one of the founders of the Rise Initiative behind the Real Care app, talks to Kylie Davis about why there is a mental health crisis in real estate and how the technology is helping the industry address it.

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