17:00 - 17:30, 17th Mar 2021

Coliving for Over 40s

Margaret Byrne
Suzanne Noble
Session Description
The choices of how to live as you get older appear to narrow, with fewer housing options available. That's why I set up Cosy Quarters, to offer people over 40 another alternative to living alone or simply renting a room in a HMO. My aim is to give people a freedom to meet and connect with likeminded others, to form friendly house shares. They can then rent their accommodation as a group of friends, rather than living in isolation. Joining me to talk about this issue of choice and how we see the future of coliving evolving, will be Suzanne Noble who has recently set up Nestful ; matching homeowners, who want to rent out rooms, with likeminded lodgers, to create harmonious house shares. Cosy Quarters https://cosyquarters.co.uk/ Nestful https://www.nestful.io/

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