03:00 - 03:30, 17th Mar 2021

Contactless Solutions for Serviced Apartments & Residences

Stefan Renziehausen
SABA Hospitality Technology Solutions
Byron Webster
SABA Hospitality Technology Solutions
Alexander Wessels
Session Description
We are discussing on how giving your guests and tenants their very own virtual host to guide them through their stay creates a level of convenience and engagement that is unmatched in the service apartment market. Whether it's directions, access to instructions, or parking availability, providing instant access to all property and neighborhood information, as well as insider tips, directly to a guest's own mobile device will: - Eliminate guest frustration of waiting for simple answers to simple questions. - Create hassle-free stays that will have guests return and recommend your property to friends. - Provide easy access to host recommendations to curate a truly unique and memorable stay. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more on how to elevate guest experience and improve operational efficiency!
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