16:30 - 17:00, 17th Mar 2021

Proptech in coliving: Pros and cons

Lucy McInally
Cate Maiolini
Jamie McInally
Suzanne Noble
Session Description
A panel discussion that invites proptech enthusiasts and coliving veterans to discuss the pros and cons of property technology in coliving. Panel participants: Caterina Maiolini - Coliving PBSA at Salto Systems and Head of Ambassadors at Co-Liv, Cate is a startup enthusiast and investor, podcaster, a supporter of women, a dreamer and achiever. Suzanne Noble - Co-founder of nestful.io, connecting those seeking affordable accommodation with a co-living community of seniors who have empty rooms, Suzanne also runs a social enterprise called Advantages of Age, helping over 50s access a pro-ageing community of like-minded people and hosting events on behalf of the Soho House Group. Jamie McInally - CEO & Founder of Autoenhance.ai, enhancing property photos to make them seem like they were shot on the best day of summer. Jamie is an AI enthusiast.
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