00:00 - 00:30, 18th Mar 2021

Using Smart Match system to find CRE investors

Philip Verzun
Session Description
In this session I will discuss and demonstrate how technology can help to identify the right buyer for your commercial real estate. I will provide an overview of the Smart Match feature and service offered by Consorto.com. Customers can now instantly shortlist matching investor profiles based on the real estate data entered. Property details will be automatically sent in standard format to selected investors and their transaction teams and feedback is given via weekly reports. Relevant deals are offered to qualified investors in less time and this increases the closing success rate considerably. Learn more: https://www.consorto.com Commercial property evaluation process is much more complicated than residential and requires a wider set of data input. Entire property marketing and property search process are very similar with goal being finding the perfect or closest match to investment criteria and current market conditions. So at the end of the day it becomes a data matching exercise. The success rate for closing transactions from offers received can be as low as 0.3%. The main reason why the success rate is so low is simply that the property features just do not match with the investment criteria and market data. To improve the data matching process for the CRE sector, we first shortlisted the main property features that most investors would use to initially evaluate if the property offering will be further examined or not. Next we started building a data base of active global investors that target European CRE and we have dedicatd people daily updating their investment criterias. So now we are able to automatically compare property listing data to each investor’s search criteria and to shortlisting and identify the top target matches. Today we have over 600 investor profiles with mapped search criterias and contact details. With automation we save a lot of time so that teams can focus on closing more transactions. We increase the work flow efficiency and increase the success rate for matches by offering relevant data only. Thank you to everyone for joining and please do reach out for questions, suggestions or collaboration.

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