16:30 - 17:00, 17th Mar 2021

PropTech Monitor 2020: The Results

Chiara Tagliaro
Session Description
Chiara Tagliaro (postdoc at the Politecnico di Milano) presents the results of the Italian PropTech Monitor, which observes, analyzes, and discusses the activities of the PropTech companies in Italy, comparing them with international experiences through a longitudinal survey. The Monitor 2020, in its third edition, allows some critical considerations on the PropTech phenomenon compared to past years and outlines the prospects that may characterize the sector in the near future. We will see how the PropTech ecosystem in Italy suffers from a delayed reaction compared to other countries. However, the geography of Italian PropTech activities is clearly polarized. Professional services are becoming predominant over the Real Estate Fintech, Sharing Economy, and Smart Real Estate sub-areas. Italian PropTech companies are typically very small, mainly composed of young people, and men-led. Most of them are in the pre-seed or early stage of their business life cycle, and they are very hungry for funding. None of them is going to expand out of Europe any time soon. They have ongoing collaborations with RE operators, other PropTech companies, or Fintech companies and they strongly believe in the importance of collaboration and cross-pollination. Many of them believe that the delay in the PropTech development in Italy is due to a poor technological and digital culture, a low propensity of the RE sector to evolve, and the lack of a real PropTech ecosystem. Covid-19 had a negative effect on Italian PropTech businesses but 1/4 of our PropTech companies have managed to find new development opportunities during 2020. Join this session to know more about all this and share the view from other countries!
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