11:00 - 11:30, 17th Mar 2021

Reimagining later life living for an ageing society with HousingLIN Chief Exec Jeremy Porteus

Suzanne Noble
Session Description
Jeremy Porteus is the Chief Executive of HousingLIN (The Housing Learning and Improvement Network), who are at the forefront of connecting people, exchanging ideas and sharing resources to help shape and influence the way we think about and deliver housing with care for an ageing population. Suzanne Noble is the co-founder of nestful, helping those seeking affordable accommodation to co-live with homeowners aged 50+. Join our conversation as we discuss later life living and the innovations currently underway and being considered. This live event is not to be missed. Background: We live in an ageing society. Seniors in the UK are a large and growing relatively well-off population group with high rates of homeownership. · The number of people aged 65 and over will increase by more than 40% within 20 years, and the number of households where the oldest person is 85 and over is increasing faster than any other age group. (The State of Ageing 2019, Centre for Ageing Better) · 6m UK homeowners over 50 with 1 or more empty rooms, of which 1.2m are based in London. · One in three older people are now living alone. · Homeowners aged 55+ account for 55% of all UK homeowners. For most of them, the major part of their wealth is locked into their homes but they could have cash flow problems. · There is a large proportion of seniors living on low incomes who live alone, or who are disabled or without retirement savings who have housing affordability problems. Single women are more likely to live in poverty in later life. Meanwhile, there has been a declining interest in collective dwellings such as care homes and retirement homes. · Care homes are an expensive solution and the increase in spaces in such institutions has grown slowly. · Public policy has encouraged independent living. Support services such as home care are enabling ageing in place. · The high rates of infection and death of residents during the Covid 19 pandemic will likely further diminish the appeal of care home accommodation in the coming years. Websites: https://www.housinglin.org.uk/ https://nestful.io

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