09:30 - 11:00, 24th Jun 2021

Bulgaria-as-a-PropTech-Service: 3rd edition of BULGARIA:PropTech Mapping Report 2021

Sylvia Pavlova
PropTech Bulgaria
Polina Stoykova MRICS
Session Description
LIVE-STREAMED SESSION Hi, great to see you here :) In this session we will present a highly concise Market Intelligence you can find nowhere else about Bulgaria. BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2021 [3rd edition] gets released while we are well into the consequences of the pandemic crisis. Changed consumer behaviour and preferences. Changed political priorities. The Green Deal is on. And most importantly, difficult times give birth to great people. And not only, but also great tech solutions. ‘If history is any guide, the best performing vintages are being raised now or soon. Investments made at the bottom of any downturn and into the early stages of recovery are generally outperformers – when entry multiples are lower, competition subsides and portfolio companies benefit from macro tailwinds.’ [PropTech1] You will get insights into: 1. Bulgarian PropTech specifics and free market niches 2. Changing consumer types 3. Trends in Bulgarian Residential property market in 2020 To get an initial idea of this session, go and see the landing page of BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2021. We are thrilled to present the results and support you in your questions about market entry, market specifics, and whatever you'd like to know about Bulgaria See the Report Landing page here > http://proptechbulgaria.eu/bulgaria-proptech-mapping-report-2021/ See the presentation team here > http://proptechbulgaria.eu/bulgarian-proptech-business-show-on-reconnect-3-0/
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