08:00 - 08:30, 24th Jun 2021

Tenant Experience Without the App

Tyler Holland
Session Description
The tenant experience trend has gathered steam in the past year, with more and more landlords launching tenant apps, either custom-made or provided by a slate of SaaS providers like HqO, Equiem or CBRE Host. But feedback is mixed. Many apps have minimal features and struggle to gain occupant attention. Others work well, but are difficult and expensive to build and maintain. And in almost all cases, landlords struggle to fit "tenant experience" tools seamlessly together with "workplace experience" tools already used by the tenants. Luckily, a new model is emerging, with landlords providing digital services via API instead of app and tenants tapping into a marketplace of workplace experience tools instead of being offered a single monopoly experience for the building. While the largest property owners will continue to insist on managing the entire experience, from brand to features, many other players from global REITs to small local developers are moving to this new "Android model".

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