Session took place 24th Jun 2021

Real-time rendering is accelerating the re-appropriation of office space to meet changing tenant demands

Vedran Radovic
Session Description
There is no debating that COVID-19 has had an astronomical impact on the office market fundamentally shifting the relationship we have with commercial office space. Over the last twelve months, global office markets have been severely impacted as national lockdowns have forced companies and staff to re-establish their operations in their home environments. As the restrictions from national lockdowns are easing and companies are managing the return to office protocols there is an undoubted shift in demand as tenant's requirements have shifted dramatically since before lockdown commenced. The next 5 - 10 years will play a pivotal role as the sector adapts to these changing tenant demands. Landlords that prosper will be those that get ahead of their curve and start adapting their space to meet changing requirements. A powerful tool that will help landlords reimagine their available space and are real-time rendering which enables tenants and landlords to collaborate whilst easily planning and adapting the use of the space. Join me on 24th at 14:00 CET and hear my thoughts guided by a visual presentation and demonstration of how real-time rendering will become the most powerful tool to redesign and communicate changes in space in the commercial sector. I look forward to seeing you there. Best regards Vedran

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