09:00 - 09:30, 24th Jun 2021

The data you need for sustainability goals

Paul Sheedy
Session Description
With President Biden recently rallying world leaders to commit to more ambitious targets to hit and even go beyond the UN sustainability goals, we have seen a shift finally to taking this matter seriously. For the CRE sector, one that is responsible for 40% of Greenhouse gases and with 30% of that wasted, governments will be putting the sector under the microscope. Cities like New York have imposed the Climate Mobilization Act, a tax on the CRE sector for those not reducing dramatically energy use. What the sector needs is data to enable change. In particular occupancy data, at unifi.id we have been driving change around this core aim for some time. Now the sector can have the detailed insights to see exactly where and how they can have more efficient, safer and secure buildings, importantly delivered in a way that seamlessly works for all occupants and delivers the privacy required. Join us as we illustrate a way forward for a sector hit by a perfect storm and show you the light at the end of this tunnel.
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