09:00 - 09:30, 24th Jun 2021

Make the move to visually-led FM - maps, plans and 360-degree imagery

Steve Voller
Session Description
Managing your asset, compliance and maintenance data in a visually-led environment keeps things simple and saves time. It's the natural progression for any-one wanting ease-of-use, needing more than a spread sheet can provide or who might be struggling with an over-complex solution. This session will focus primarily on buildings although we also uniquely enable essential buried services such as pipes, cables and fibre optics to be located and easily re-found. In this session I'll show how you can benefit from the use of: * Maps * Site plans * Floor plans * 360° images Data is managed directly on plans or maps giving you an at-a-glance bird's eye view of your assets, jobs etc. 360° images then enable you to see this data, correctly located, in a photo-realistic view e.g. tags on boilers or lights, or the location of reactive maintenance jobs. This can be for internal views e.g. rooms or externally - great for roof inspections! Combined with built-in analytics and dashboards this approach gives you the whole picture on your buildings and estates. It's simple to use and cost-effective for any-one with responsibility for managing buildings and estates. Find out more at altuity.com

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