Session took place 24th Jun 2021

Hybrid Work and Technology

Johan van Niekerk
Cataly5t - Smart Office Technology
Session Description
Special note from the speaker: You will enjoy this session, being an interactive demo, showing technology-in-action. What can be expected in this session? - Hybrid Work | Workspace Management Technology - Cloud-based booking technology of workspaces, desks, meeting spaces, (the approach and user experience) - Integrated Occupancy Sensors – CNN Featured (accurate space utilization data and information) - Workspace Analytics (the power of analytical insights) Background: The year 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have brought about challenging times for Employees, Businesses and Facility Management, with some recovery emerging into 2021. With people returning to the office (RtO), Work-from-Home (WFH) and increased Hybrid Work; Businesses are forced to reimagine their way-of-work, their building spaces, return to work processes, as well as their facility management- and building technologies. Facility Managers and Businesses have found themselves subject to manual, tedious and time-consuming processes, prone to human error and wasting of resources. The “old way of doing things” and temporary workarounds are not sufficient anymore, and people are getting tired of doing things manually and being subject to everchanging rules and processes. What people are looking for is simplicity, 24/7 accessible, automated workspace booking and management, as well as solutions which support Hybrid Work, Health and Safety guidelines, while optimizing Real-estate costs and ROI. Technology has become the important catalyst, to help navigate the new way of Hybrid Work: - to improve the employee experience, thereby encouraging employee engagement and increased productivity, - to improve the customer experience, to grow your brand and ROI, - supporting Business and Facility Management, to simplify and optimize processes, logistics, as well as the ongoing management and design of the workspace, offices, buildings etc.

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