14:30 - 15:00, 24th Jun 2021

Is technology a means or an end? A comparison of high VS low density PropTech countries

Chiara Tagliaro
Vitalija Danivska, PhD
Andrea Ciaramella
Session Description
This session proposes an academic debate on pressing issues that should be considered in research on PropTech, such as: ▶️ why is it important to categorize PropTech? ▶️ what are the main similarities and differences when you compare high VS low-density PropTech countries? ▶️ what is the role of the technologies booming in Proptech companies and where are we headed to? ▶️ how can we assess the extent to which PropTech is impacting the real estate sector but also the economy more in general - given that the construction and built environment sector is traditionally one of the engines of the economy? A comparison between Finland (high-density PropTech country) and Italy (low-density PropTech country) will spark reasoning about the above-mentioned issues and open up further questions.

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