00:00 - 00:30, 25th Jun 2021

Property Management System for Future of Living

Mayank Pokharna
Session Description
The property management software (PMS) horizon is expanding more than ever. A decade before, a PMS was used to manage assets, inventory, and manage maintenance. But with the changes in lifestyle and ever-evolving housing models, the need for community building, inclusion, payments, communication, impact, sustainability, etc., are now being considered as the core part of a PMS. So in this session, we will look at how the PMS for the future of living looks. 00:34 - Product Philosophy (why we are building JumboTiger) 03:14 - Control Room (run your business from a single screen) 13:24 - Community Tools and Tenant Portal (engage and build great communities, tenant tools) 18:50 - JumboTiger Main Dashboard (know the most important things about your operations) 20:22 - Portfolio Dashboard (group your properties according to your KPI's and manage) 21:25 - Property Detail Framework (know everything about your property) 24:53 - Portfolio Configuration (customize JumboTiger according to your needs/ workflows) 30:50 - Issue/ Ticket Management (manage everything about maintenance, work orders, etc.) 34:41 - Properties Dashboard (manage unit economics, property health, etc.) 36:59 - Audit Log (know who is doing what on software in detail for tighter control) 37:29 - Responsive Screens (work on jumbotiger on any device) 38:22 - Property Onboarding (quickly set up your properties with most important information) 45:45 - Omnichannel Message Centre (manage all conversation across channels in single screen) 46:30 - Contact Centre (manage all vendors, staff at one place for seamless communication) 47:55 - Staff App (remotely manage your ground staff, push tasks, do inspections) 48:56 - Technology Stack/ Cloud Deployment strategy of JumboTiger (what we are built on) 48:58 - All core PMS features on a single platform (enhanced end-user experience) 50:28 - Product Roadmap (what we are building next) 51:26 - Customizations in JumboTiger (what all you can change) 52:05 - Pricing and Early Access (be the first one to experience the disruption) 52:35 - Team behind JumboTiger (this is where it's happening) JumboTiger is a full-stack real-time collaborative and conversational property management software focussed on Property Managers, Coliving, and HMOs. It is currently being used by small landlords, property managers, co-living players, student living operators, and paying guest facilities worldwide. JumboTiger seamlessly tracks everything for your property, tenants, banks, and property owners, from marketing, maintenance, community, accounting, and more. It helps the operators and property managers in collaborative decision-making. It replaces multiple apps like slack, z-inspector, freshdesk, etc., and brings all its core features into the core PMS. The data flow seamlessly across all the segments and helps operators with better insights. You can manage any rental portfolio on JumboTiger and helps you optimize the cost, make employees more productive, and have an awesome experience for your tenants

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