11:30 - 12:00, 7th Jan 2021

How to launch a loyalty program in a shopping mall?

Giulia Filoso
Antavo Loyalty Management Platform
Session Description
Malls are facing a complex customer reality where they have to balance satisfying their tenant brands, while at the same time providing a worthwhile shopping experience for customers. A complex situation calls for a sophisticated loyalty program solution, capable of uniting a wide range of brands and at the same time convincing people to return to the retail space more often. Loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes, but the best approach to support malls is undoubtedly coalition loyalty programs. In brief, a coalition loyalty program is run by the mall itself, but each tenant brand has the ability to introduce their own reward campaigns. Customers, on the other hand, are able to collect points for their purchases and redeem them at any place they want — whether it be a tenant brand or a local service run by the mall itself. With a coalition loyalty program, malls can achieve higher foot traffic, collect in-store customer data, provide personalized and exclusive offers, and create an outstanding shopping experience. However, success requires perfection on both the software and the hardware end, which is why malls should consider rolling with a high-end loyalty program provider. For the program structure, the coalition loyalty program has to deliver a unified and personalized experience, that also features exclusive reward elements. Why? Because customers not only want a reward experience that’s relevant, but also one that’s relevant to only them. To achieve this, malls have to employ gamification tactics and use incentivized profiling to collect customer insight

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