09:00 - 09:30, 7th Jan 2021

Is your rent roll data management process ruining your day?

David Oates
Coyote Software
Session Description
Rent roll data management processes are inefficient, time consuming and often inaccurate, and a major barrier to effective implementation of digital transformation strategies. PRODA will be discussing how effective use of technology can significantly reduce this overhead, leaving you to focus on managing your assets rather than managing data. Rent roll data is THE core data set that underpins all asset and investment management decisions in the Commercial Real Estate industry. However, the management of this data is not easy due to the lack of standardisation in the market. They arrive in multiple formats; are often prone to inaccuracy due to human error and are stored in multiple locations. This means that critical processes such as reporting; risk assessment and deal assessments are time-consuming, difficult to manage and even leading to uninformed or even wrong assumptions, meaning the effect on the business is potentially huge. David Oates, CRO at PRODA, examines the current problem faced with the core data source of the real estate industry – the rent roll. With data often being inconsistent, inaccurate, and inaccessible, David explores how this impacts both you and your business, and explains how the use of technology can streamline the process and help you buy back your time - so you can get back to doing real work! David has many years experience leading software businesses, including many years focused on the commercial real estate market, mainly as SVP of International at Argus Software (part of the Altus Group) and more recently as Chief Revenue Officer at London-based software provider, PRODA, where he joined when the company was pre-revenue to lead all commercial activities. He is listed as a Top 10 influencer in the PropTech space by Unissu and is an experienced speaker and panellist.
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