15:00 - 15:30, 7th Jan 2021

The New Era of Property Project Finance

Mike Bristow
Session Description
Mike Bristow, CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdProperty (www.crowdproperty.com), the UK's leading specialist property project online lending platform, will be talking about the maturing technology-enabled 'alternative' finance market, which the UK leads the world in and is not so 'alternative' any more. This Proptech / Fintech intersect is making financial services far more efficient and therefore more rewarding for customers - in CrowdProperty's case for SME residential property developers and everyday investors. CrowdProperty was featured in the Deloitte Fast 50 list 2020 as one of the 50 fastest growing tech businesses in the UK. In this RE:Connect session, Mike will cover: - What Alternative Finance is and why it's the future of finance - Why it benefits everyone (except the banks) - How CrowdProperty is harnessing technology to disrupt the property finance sector, helping developers grow their businesses quicker, increasing housing output and spend in the UK economy CrowdProperty (www.crowdproperty.com) is the UK's leading specialist property project online lending platform. CrowdProperty is a fintech/proptech online-lending innovator, exceptionally efficiently matching the demand (quality property professionals undertaking quality property projects) and supply (retail/institutional investors) of capital for value-creating property projects, delivering a better deal for all – borrowers, lenders, the under-supplied UK housing environment and spend in the UK economy. Actual property development and investment experience lies at the heart of the business meaning hands-on, expertise-led due diligence and loan monitoring. Lending is focused on the SME property professional market, a key segment for supplying much needed UK housing stock, which is poorly and inefficiently served by traditional funding sources. CrowdProperty funds property professionals undertaking any sort of property project (including auction purchases and bridging), structuring the perfect funding product and doing so with greater speed, ease, certainty and expertise than anyone in the market. As property people providing property finance, we intimately understand the market needs. CrowdProperty is: - Directly FCA authorised and regulated - An HMRC approved ISA / IFISA manager (attracting significant ISA, SSAS Pension and SIPP Pension capital) - A founding member and only property specialist platform in the Innovate Finance 36H Group (formerly the P2PFA / Peer-to-Peer Finance Association) - The first and only property P2P lender to become Brismo Verified, independently verifying market-leading returns performance Read more about alternative finance, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, property and CrowdProperty on the CrowdProperty Blog: https://blog.crowdproperty.com/ Find out more at: www.crowdproperty.com

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