06:00 - 06:45, 21st Jun 2022

In Session With Nikki Greenburg

James Dearsley
Session Description
I have known Nikki for many years, and likely to some she needs no introduction. You just need to look at her LinkedIn profile to realise she knows what she is doing. Her quick bio reads as follows: Metaverse | Real Estate Technology Strategy | Top 100 Real Estate Executive | Top 25 CRE Innovator | Top 10 Futurist Keynote Speaker | PropTech Leader | Global Innovator | ULI Luminary But I am interested in her role as "Head of Technology Strategy & Digital Management" at QIC (the Queensland Investment Corporation), that was set up in 1991. In their own manifesto they speak about leadership in terms that I find fascinating: Leaders Must Lead * Leadership is an imperative not just a position - it’s everyone’s responsibility * The quality of our leadership amplifies the quality of our performance – it starts at the top * Effective leaders shape who we are and how we do things – poor leadership cannot be tolerated * We support and develop our leaders to be the best they can be I look forward to talking this all through with Nikki. Do join me.

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