7th December, 2022, Worldwide · Cherry Pick People

Innovators In Real Estate Series

The digital transformation of the real estate industry is a complex process. It involves many different stakeholders and yet, often we don’t hear from those other voices who all have a role to play, and a voice to be heard. This webinar series will take a more holistic view to consider all angles. We have identified four main stakeholders who all have a part to play in the transformation of the real estate sector; Academics, VCs, Consultants and the Industry itself. Over four weeks we will host a series of webinars with each group, interviewing vital global influencers in each of these sectors, to get their opinion on the changes that they see is both important, and apparent. Importantly we will review the next steps the industry needs to take, with their particular interest front and centre, to give you, the viewer, a unique insight.

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