Malaysia PropTech Association 2
Malaysia PropTech Association
Imen Chaieb
Choo-Yee Ting
Huai Jie Chuah
Gary Walter MRICS
Session Description
1. Big Data comprises multiple dimensions in data source, namely images, geo-spatial, customer, Transacted Property Info, environmental and many more. How does RealInfo handle such rapid changing data and utilise them to serve the diverse needs of brokers, valuers, developers, investors, and lenders? Has it been a challenge to adapt your business strategy/analytics frameworks to cater for different countries and cultures? 2. Property buying and selling remains conventional in Malaysia where many depend on human property agents to close deals and subsequent legal and government related processes. What is your view about having such one-stop PropTech app or system to support the process? In your opinion, the target users would be more beneficial to property agents or end users?
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