Gosha Jacewicz
Session Description
Some people think digital transformation is all about technology. Not True. We shouldn't be asking what technology can do for us, how can it solve human problems. We should be asking what we want to accomplish and then design technology solutions to achieve it. Whether you are an asset management, director, CEO, CIO, data analyst, maintenance technician or finance leader you will emerge from this class a better system thinker, problem solver, and decision maker. In this class I will teach you how to ensure that all cogs of digital transformation align for one and only purpose: your personal growth and success of your organisation. You will recognise that the question of digital transformation is not how to grow the business 5% by increasing performance and efficiency, but that the question should be: how we innovate build environment to meet Net Zero targets using emerging technologies available today. Course structure: We start with your goals or problems you with to solve. Develop an outline plan using step-by-step methodology. Create momentum with clear learning objectives. Practice and test your digital ideas with hands-on learning. What will students learn in your course? Process-based method for effective implementation of emerging technologies. Identify benefits of using scalable and easy to tailor digital transformation methodology. Fundamental skills you need to become a successful digital transformation leader. Techniques for mapping complex systems. Identifying root cause of problems and how to fix them with technology. What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course? None, however, a basic understanding of project planning and business management would be beneficial. Who is this course for? Corporate and business level management, senior level functional/operational management teams.

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