10:30 - 11:15, 12th Mar 2021

BTR Assets & Their Social Value - Lessons Learned from the Social Housing Sector

John Buckland
MRI Software
Session Description
Sustainability and energy performance are fast-becoming critical aspects of measuring the social and financial value of buildings and developments. Investors need to know their portfolios have long-term viability, and operators are under pressure to meet green targets and achieve emission reduction goals. Social impact analysis is already widespread within housing associations and local authorities, and is used to assess and compare scenarios for stock rationalisation and growth strategies. Similar approaches will undoubtedly become more prevalent in Build-to-Rent as it grows, and the sector has an opportunity to adapt and evolve the tried-and-trusted approaches already in place. In the past, specialised spreadsheets have been used to manage the analysis of assets – but these have proved error-prone and cumbersome. Today, technology leads the way. In this session, MRI Software Solution Principal John Buckland looks at how purpose-built software solutions can support proactive, accurate and data-driven asset sustainability management. John will cover existing methodologies for capturing and processing information, the desired and actionable outcomes and how these could be applied across the Build-to-Rent environment
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