Sylvia Pavlova
PropTech Bulgaria
Dzheiliana Vrancheva
Session Description
In late 2016, blackprint Booster was initiated as the first continental European PropTech Accelerator to support innovative business models in the real estate industry. The company is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and has a total of 18 alumni teams, making it one of the most significant early-stage PropTech investors in the world. Since then, blackprint Booster has established itself as the go-to-place for PropTech in Germany. As a network platform, blackprint Booster connects PropTech companies, established corporates and venture capitalists in order to drive digitization, innovation and sustainability for the construction & real estate industry. Blackprint offers a range of services to the industry’s various stakeholders, including its award-winning "Sustainability- and Tech-Scouting", which identifies and analyzes the partner‘s individual needs and provides innovative solutions accordingly. This service was recognized as a best practice innovation in the 4th ZIA Innovation Report (Germany). In addition, blackprint Booster hosts the REAL PropTech – the leading conference on innovation & digitization in the real estate industry – and initiated the first PropTech Germany Study in collaboration with an university.

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